This opportunity came to me in 1995 by a young lady Shakay Norris. I was chosen to help them with their journey of being able to participate in a positive activity and be accepted in the school environment; and that is why I believe in this program. I saw what it did for Shakay and her teammates; how it built self-esteem, character, and made them feel like they were a part of the school and how they created this opportunity all by themselves. Not only did they create this opportunity for themselves but they passed the journey on to 21 other students and I am so glad that you have decided to continue this journey with us.

I give all the Praise and Thanksgiving to God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost for he has given me a vision to help Shakay Norris and other youth that come into my life to continue this journey. I am so Grateful.

This organization was founded by six inspired freshmen who wanted to make a difference at their high school:

  • Felecia Hopkins
  • Krista Wright
  • Ericka Thomas
  • Aisha Polk
  • Tonya Brown
  • Jackie Terry
  • Shakay Norris (choreographer)

All of these young ladies felt a need to begin an organization that stood apart from the traditional pomes, cheerleading that would also allow them to express themselves in a support of their school. Therefore they decided to take the initiative and create a group that would have similar goals and activities.

North Side Steppers also started the “North Side” saying only they can say it the right way. It is for the pure enjoyment and the love of Step and Dancing.

  1. 3.0+ GPA
  2. Positive Attitude
  3. Be open minded and be dedicated
  4. Committed in that if you start you are expected to finish
  5. Be respectful to Coaches, Captains, and Teammates
  6. Be on time, dressed, and ready for practice
  7. Arrive an hour before performances
  8. Please contact the Director, Coach, and Captain if you are going to be absent

The 1995 Step Team performed with such spirit that it helped motivate the Tri North Trojans to new possibilities. They had already been told in the 7th grade by Coach Boddie that they were State Championship material. Then it happened, “The Bad Boys” 1997 State Championships.